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DryGuy™ has boot and glove dryers for all your personal drying applications.  The DryGuy™DG1 is our best seller, is free standing and is the perfect all around dryer for boots, gloves, and shoes. The DryGuy™ Drying Center is a wall mount unit with more drying capacity and an great place to keep your apparel organized. DryGuy™ also has many portable compact units that run on AC or DC power allowing you to dry your boots, shoes and gloves anywhere.

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·         Most orders are shipped within a couple of days.  Larger dryers may need 10 day to ship depending on availability.

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The products we sell are always the newest models and latest updates. We update our site with the latest products as they become available from the manufacturer.

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Shipping Discounts Explanation; We will pay half of the cost to ship any Cyclone Boot Dryer anywhere in the USA.

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The 4 pair usually ship within 3 business days and other units usually ship within 10-14 days.  These items ship from the warehouse so they may ship sooner if stock is available.

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If the product is available 2nd and/or 3rd day delivery is available.  . You must contact us at 619 761 7340 or 610 544 991 for overnight shipping.

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All of our suppliers hold to the strictest standards of quality control, and all of our products are fully warranted by the manufacturer. If by chance you receive a defective product, the manufacturer's warranty information and service address will be clearly marked on or in the package you receive. If your product is damaged in shipping, the issue can quickly be resolved by notifying UPS. If you ever have questions not answered by the manufacturer or by UPS, please contact us at

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When you buy from us, your credit card purchase is processed in real time by secure eCommerce servers.   Your card couldn't be safer!


DryGuy has developed a number of products such as boot dryers with different features to solve the problems of cold feet and hands for young and old alike. People of all ages and activity levels perspire or sweat. This is readily recognized by those participating in vigorous activities, as well as in youngsters who usually have a limited number of shoes fitting them at any one time. They experience very wet feet due to the fact that their shoes never get an opportunity to dry.

This is also compounded by the natural attraction of children to puddles. For those participating in more extreme sports, such as snow skiing or even hiking, dry equipment not only brings comfort to the sport or hunting but can mean the difference between frostbite and no frostbite. DryGuy products also promote healthy feet and hands by eliminating the moisture that encourages the growth of bacteria and fungus, which cause odor and disease.

Additional Facts:

Dry Guy ski boot dryers are for anyone who works outdoors like construction workers, department of transportation workers, farmers, builders, policemen, fireman, flagmen etc. Wet boots get cold and damp from moisture buildup. By using a ski boot dryer and removing the moisture, your feet will feel warm and dry.

Dry Guy ski boot dryers are for kids who ski, play in the snow, jump in puddles, etc. Wet boots get cold and damp from moisture buildup. By using a ski boot dryer and removing the moisture, your feet will feel warm and dry.

Dry Guy ski boot dryers are for athletes who play soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, etc. Wet cleats get cold and damp from moisture buildup. By using a ski boot dryer and removing the moisture, your feet will feel warm and dry.

Dry Guy ski boot dryers are for skaters, ice hockey skaters, figure skaters, speed skaters, roller blade skaters, etc. Wet boots get cold and damp from moisture buildup. By using a ski boot dryer and removing the moisture, your feet will feel warm and dry.

Dry Guy ski boot dryers are for watermen like boaters, fishermen, captains, divers, ferry workers, etc. Wet boots get cold and damp from moisture buildup. By using a ski boot dryer and removing the moisture, your feet will feel warm and dry.