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DryGuy DG1 Wide Body

The DryGuy DG1 Wide Body is a in shoe or Boot Dryer with a circulating fan for quick drying.. 

DryGuy™ has boot and glove dryers for all your personal drying applications.  The DryGuy™DG1 is our best seller, is free standing and is the perfect all around dryer for boots, gloves, and shoes.  DryGuy™ also has many portable compact units that run on AC or DC power allowing you to dry your boots, shoes and gloves anywhere. 

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  • To reduce the amount you feet and shoes smell, decrease the amount of sweat that collects on your feet and in your shoes by drying them with a DG1 Wide Body or a DG1 Wide Body boot dryer..

  • DryGuy DG1 Wide Body Boot Dryers are for kids who ski, play in the snow, jump in puddles, etc. Wet boots get cold and damp from moisture buildup. By using a boot dryer and removing the moisture, your feet will feel warm and dry.

  • To eliminate foot odor we must eliminate the sweat that gets trapped in our socks and shoes. Try wearing sandals, changing your socks often, switching shoes to avoid wearing the same pair two days in a row.

  • To eliminate foot odor use DryGuy DG1 to keep bacteria levels at a minimum, dust your feet frequently with a no medicated baby powder or foot powder. Applying antibacterial ointment also may help.

  • To reduce the amount of sweat that collects in your shoes, you should buy some absorbent odor-eater type shoe inserts.

  • To reduce the amount of sweat that collects in your shoes, you should apply an antiperspirant to your feet

  • DryGuy DG1 Wide Body Boot Dryers are the choice of so many people like coaches, athletes, skaters, workers, skiers, etc. Simply put, dry feet and hands = warm feet and hands.



The main thing that feeds foot smell is sweat. With more than 250,000 sweat glands on each foot, your feet are among the most perspiring parts of the body.  To eliminate foot odor, practice good foot hygiene to keep bacteria levels at a minimum. Check for fungal infections between your toes and on the bottoms of your feet. If you spot redness or dry, patchy skin on your feet, get treatment right away.  Odor accompanies sweat, fungus, and bacteria.